NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Panic move every team should consider making ahead of deadline

There is one panic move that every team should consider ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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Sacramento Kings

Panic move: Overpaying on the trade market for a high-volume scorer

After outperforming expectations last year, finishing as the third seed in the Western Conference heading into the playoffs, the complete timeline was altered for the Sacramento Kings. This is a team that could now seemingly emerge as a potential threat to win the West in the next year or two. Of course, that's if they continue to make the right moves in surrounding De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis with the right supporting cast.

That could be easier said than done. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, though, the Kings will have options to make a move. The question that I'm battling with when it comes to the Kings heading into the deadline is whether or not a panic move to trade for a volume scorer would be worth it or not.

The Kings are likely going to have to overpay if they're going to improve the roster. And, quite frankly, trading for a difference-making talent might be the best course of action moving forward. However, would such a rash move be worth it for the Kings this season?