NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Panic move every team should consider making ahead of deadline

There is one panic move that every team should consider ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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Charlotte Hornets

Panic move: Trading Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward

The Charlotte Hornets are one of those young teams that should be preparing to make the complete shift to rebuilding around their young core. If the Hornets truly believe in LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller, it's time to let go of the likes of Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, these are two veteran names that could very well find their way to the trade block. Quite frankly, I'd argue that the Hornets need to take advantage of their current trade markets.

This is a move that the Hornets should seriously consider making over the next couple of months. The Hornets aren't going to make a surprise move to the postseason. That isn't happening this season. Even if they can remain healthy, that's not in the cards for this team. Instead, they should attempt to add as many draft assets and/or young players as they can to surround Ball and Miller with the best young supporting cast possible.

In the most optimistic of minds, the Hornets are still a year or two away from making a big jump in the East standings. There's really no reason for Charlotte to hold onto Hayward and/or Rozier for much longer.