NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Player every team desperately needs to trade at the deadline

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, every team has at least one player they should explore moving.
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Los Angeles Lakers

D'Angelo Russell

With two weeks before the NBA Trade Deadline, D'Angelo Russell is a player who is almost certainly going to be traded if the Los Angeles Lakers end up making a move. I'd actually take it a step further and say that the Lakers almost have to trade Russell ahead of the trade deadline - for the sake of both sides. Russell is a good player but hasn't gotten the best go of things with the Lakers. Simply put, he isn't a great fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

It's only fair for Russell and the Lakers to part ways. Whether it brings back Dejounte Murray or not, if the Lakers are going to make a run in the Western Conference during the second half of the season, it's going to come without Russell on the roster at this point. Russell would also benefit from a trade considering he would get a fresh start to begin a new chapter of his career.

The good news is that the Lakers are likely going to trade Russell and he's probably going to get that fresh start. Hopefully, it's a move that ends up working swimmingly for both sides.