NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Player every team desperately needs to trade at the deadline

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, every team has at least one player they should explore moving.

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Chicago Bulls

Zach LaVine

There are many players on this list that will have seen their names in and out of the rumor mill through the first half of this season but there may not be one that has been more discussed than Zach LaVine. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, I'm not sure if there's a player on this list that needs to be traded more than LaVine. Considering where the Chicago Bulls are at this point in their build and the fact that all this LaVine noise has already been a distraction as-is, I don't think there's a healthy scenario in which Chicago keeps LaVine on the roster beyond the trade deadline.

For the betterment of both the Bulls and LaVine, a divorce needs to happen within the next two weeks. Chicago needs the rest of the season without LaVine to reevaluate the rest of their roster and to get a greater indication of whether they could get by with a retooling or if a complete rebuild is needed.

LaVine would also very much benefit from a change of scenery. At this point in his career, LaVine and the Bulls are no longer a good fit.