NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Player every team desperately needs to trade at the deadline

As the NBA Trade Deadline quickly approaches, every team has at least one player they should explore moving.
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Cleveland Cavaliers

Jarrett Allen

If the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to make an impactful move at the NBA Trade Deadline, they're likely going to have to trade one of their difference-makers. I'm not talking about Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, or Even Mobley. That would be unthinkable. Nevertheless, would it be that outlandish if the Cavs explored the possibility of trading Jarrett Allen? After this season, Allen has just two years remaining on his contract ($20 million per season). He's a player that would have plenty of interest in the open market and could open the door for Cleveland to improve the roster in other ways.

If the Cavs feel they're a bit stuck in their attempt to move up the Eastern Conference standings, trading Allen could be part of the solution. Especially if they strongly believe that Mobley is going to continue to emerge as the superstar big man that many believe he can be. Eventually, the Cavs are likely going to have to make a big move if they're going to compete with the likes of the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks in the East.

Allen could be a part of those lofty plans. It could be viewed as a risky move but Allen may be a supporting star talent that may not be essential in Cleveland anymore.