NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Realistic difference-making deadline target for every contender

Every contender in the NBA should be taking a hard look at making a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring one realistic and difference-making trade deadline target for every contender in the Association.

It's officially trade season in the NBA and the February 8 NBA Trade Deadline is going to be here before we know it. As we inch closer and closer to the official midway point of the regular season, teams are only going to get more and more antsy about putting themselves in the best position heading into the stretch run.

For every contender in the league, the right move at the NBA Trade Deadline would help accomplish that. As the deadline quickly approaches, we explore one realistic difference-maker every contender should target over the next few weeks.

Boston Celtics

Realistic trade deadline target: Kelly Olynyk, F/C, Utah Jazz

Listen, the Boston Celtics don't need to get to get greedy ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. They have the most talent in the league and the best starting 5 in the league. They aren't one of the teams that have to make a huge move at the trade deadline, but it would still be surprising if they didn't explore solidifying their depth.

One underrated trade target that the Celtics could explore a deal for is Utah Jazz forward Kelly Olynyk. The Celtics need help in the frontcourt and Olynyk is the exact type of versatile big that could excel in Boston's system. Olynyk wouldn't need to play a huge role on the Celtics but could be increasingly impactful off the bench.

Olynyk seems like an ideal trade target for the Celtics ahead of the trade deadline and one that they will likely be able to afford.