NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Realistic difference-making deadline target for every contender

Every contender in the NBA should be taking a hard look at making a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline.
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Sacramento Kings

Realistic trade deadline target: Kyle Kuzma

A few weeks ago, there was reporting that seemed to indicate that the Sacramento Kings were going to be considered one of the most aggressive teams heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. And when the Kings pulled out of their pursuit of Pascal Siakam, many believed this was an indication that perhaps they were going to take a more laid-back approach heading into the trade deadline. Maybe that isn't the case at all. What if the Kings are just adjusting their approach by altering their top targets?

Pivoting off of Siakam, what if the Kings explored a trade for Kyle Kuzma? He's a player the Kings have had an interest in before and one that could be on their radar again. It's been reported that the Washington Wizards could be open to trading Kuzma ahead of the deadline and the Kings would be a strong fit.

The Kings look like they're missing one more piece to catapult them into that tier 1 group of teams in the Western Conference. Maybe Kuzma is the missing piece that can alter their ceiling.