NBA Trade Rumors: 1 Small move every contender should make before the trade deadline

Exploring 1 slight move every contender should make before the NBA Trade Deadline.
Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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The NBA Trade Deadline is quickly approaching. The halfway point of the season is here. It is time to start solidifying rosters for deep playoff runs. It is fun to speculate on big trade ideas to bring in superstar-level talent for contending teams, however, most contenders won't be able to make a superstar splash without gutting part of their core group of players.

Big-name trades are incredibly fun and come trade deadline time, we all wait under our desks, taking shelter for the infamous "Woj-Bombs" to drop. While they may be fun and cause havoc, it's typically the smaller, more fringe-level moves that take contenders to the next level. Look at the Boston Celtics' 2022 NBA Trade Deadline acquisition of Derrick White. That move went relatively under the radar but has proven to be one of the most underrated trades made at the deadline in recent history.

Not every contender needs a Derrick White to alter their fortunes. For this exercise, we will take a look at the top three contenders from each conference, and make a valuable addition to their roster to give them a better shot at a championship. What better place to start out than the league-leading, Boston Celtics?

Boston Celtics acquire Saddiq Bey from the Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are selling, claiming that the only two players on the roster who won't be moved are Jalen Johnson and Trae Young. Everybody else is available. This makes sense. The Hawks have horrifically fallen short of their pre-season expectations and are now due for a reset.

Lost in the sauce is four-year forward, Saddiq Bey out of Villanova University. He's a bigger wing at 6'7" and lives beyond the three-point line, ready to shoot. His defense isn't the strongest, but the Celtics don't need an All-NBA defensive team member to make a Championship run.

Bey's contract is manageable, with his contract expiring this summer at a modest $4.5M. The Celtics would be able to resign him in the offseason if they wanted to, acquiring his bird rights as well. This is a huge addition for a Celtics team that already has everything. A big wing who plays serviceable defense and can get hot from three is a great addition, however. He could eat up some minutes from both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown for the rest of the regular season and the playoffs.

I'd imagine that two expiring, cheap contracts and two second-round picks could get the Hawks to bite here. If that's the case, Brad should pick up the phone ASAP.