NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Players who could shockingly hit the trade block this offseason

There are a few players who could shockingly hit the NBA trade block this offseason.
Memphis Grizzlies v Sacramento Kings
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De'Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings

Even though the Sacramento Kings have improved as a team over the last few seasons, they still leave much to be desired in terms of a contender in the Western Conference. If they're going to compete with the likes of the other risers in the conference, they're likely going to need to make a big move or two this offseason. And if there's not a natural move available to the Kings, perhaps they'd be open to more of a retooling of the roster. If so, a potential trade of De'Aaron Fox can't be completely off the table.

Interestingly, Fox declined a contract extension offer from the Kings recently. This could be much ado about nothing, but you can't help but keep an eye on that entire situation. Does he sign an extension this summer? Will there be more talk about this "elephant" in the locker room? If the Kings feel any level of pressure from Fox, trading him can't be off the table.

Or, hey, what if the Kings want to retool their roster? If they want to begin to pivot and retool around Domantas Sabonis and Keegan Murray while moving on from Fox, that could also be an option

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