NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Players who could shockingly hit the trade block this offseason

There are a few players who could shockingly hit the NBA trade block this offseason.
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C.J. McCollum, New Orleans Pelicans

Heading into the NBA offseason, there's a growing belief that the New Orleans Pelicans are going to explore the trade market for Brandon Ingram. However, even if that does end up happening, I can't help but wonder if there's another veteran player on their roster that they could explore trading. If the Pelicans are ready to retool the roster around Zion Williamson, it could make sense for the Pelicans to trade C.J. McCollum soon. With just two years remaining before his contract expires, McCollum could emerge as a trade candidate for New Orleans this summer. Even more so if they also end up moving Ingram.

McCollum is still at the point where he carries plenty of trade value and if the Pelicans view this offseason as a time to retool their roster, it would make sense to explore such a move. There's no guarantee that the Pelicans would want this level of roster reconstruction but it could be an option that lingers this summer.

The Pelicans are in an interesting spot heading into the offseason where they need to choose a path forward and run with it.