NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Surprising, yet realistic trade demands that would help shake up the offseason

There are a few surprising trade demands that could end up shaking up the 2024 NBA offseason.
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
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Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

With the way he closed the 2022-23 NBA season, there was a belief that the Brooklyn Nets had found the new face of their franchise in Mikal Bridges. However, over the course of this past season, that didn't end up being the case. While he was still a good player for the Nets, it's pretty safe to assume he's not going to blossom into a superstar. And that's fine. However, if Bridges isn't going to be a superstar and the Nets can't land one via trade or free agency, it puts this team right in the middle of NBA mediocrity.

And that's the last place anyone wants to be. If Bridges wants to break out of this no man's land in the NBA, it's not that outlandish to suggest that he could end up demanding a trade. At best, the Nets are a lower-tiered playoff team in the East. But to put that into context, the Nets couldn't even qualify for the Play-In Tournament this past season.

In an ideal world, the Nets would be able to trade for a superstar and let Bridges feast in a supporting role. However, there's no guarantee that happens and, if it doesn't, it could prompt Bridges to be proactive about his future.