NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Surprising, yet realistic trade demands that would help shake up the offseason

There are a few surprising trade demands that could end up shaking up the 2024 NBA offseason.
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Lauri Markkanen, Utah Jazz

Even though the Utah Jazz have done a pretty favorable job in cementing a foundation in the past two years after making the pivot toward a rebuilding team, this is a franchise that doesn't have much in the way of tangible assets at the moment. Aside from Lauri Markkanen, it's hard to look at this roster and be confident that this team could make a push toward the playoffs next season in the Western Conference. And without that guarantee, it could blur the future of the team. Heading into the final year of his contract next year, the expectation is that the Jazz are going to offer Markkanen a huge extension this summer.

However, there's at least an outside chance that Markkanen elects to keep his options open. If that does end up being the case, a trade demand could be considered imminent, especially if the Jazz aren't able to make a big roster upgrade during the offseason.

Both Markkanen and the Jazz know just how important this offseason can be for both sides. Another shoe is bound to fall at some point during the summer. The question is, will that shoe be a splash move for the Jazz or a possible trade demand from Markkanen?