NBA Trade Rumors: 11 Surprising, yet realistic trade demands that would help shake up the offseason

There are a few surprising trade demands that could end up shaking up the 2024 NBA offseason.
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Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers

There are many teams around the league that are keeping a close eye on the Cleveland Cavaliers as they embark on their playoff run. There's a growing belief that if the Cavs do have a disappointing end to the season, it could lead to a potential Donovan Mitchell trade demand. With just one year remaining on his contract after this season, if Mitchell doesn't sign an extension with Cleveland this summer, the writing will be on the wall. At that point, Cleveland could end up trading him anyway.

There's no question that a Mitchell trade demand could go a long way in expediting that entire process. Last summer was the offseason of Damian Lillard. There's a very real chance that this year could be all about Mitchell. If he does find his way to the trade block, there will be plenty of big-game hunters in pursuit.

There's no guarantee that Mitchell demands a trade or that Cleveland would even want to trade him, but it's officially time to keep a close eye on this entire situation. This is the type of move that could end up dictating the offseason.