NBA Trade Rumors: 14 Bold deadline predictions that would shake up the league

Exploring a few bold predictions ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors trade Klay Thompson

It's amazing how quickly everything has seemingly fallen apart for the Golden State Warriors. Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, this is a team that will have to decide whether it's time to enter a rebuild, try to salvage what's left of this build and retool around Stephen Curry, or continue to think that something will click with this veteran core eventually and stand pat. I'd imagine the Warriors, who pride themselves on being "light years ahead" are going to make some sort of move. And perhaps even a controversial one.

I predict the Warriors will see the writing on the wall and begin the process of retooling around Curry. The first step in doing so will be to trade Klay Thompson, who is in the final year of his contract, at the NBA Trade Deadline. Klay will go down as one of the All-Time best Warriors but his time with the team could be coming to an end.

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If that is indeed the case, it makes the most sense to trade him and not risk losing him for nothing during the offseason. The Warriors could effectively do that by trading him now.