NBA Trade Rumors: 14 Bold deadline predictions that would shake up the league

Exploring a few bold predictions ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline.
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
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The Sacramento Kings trade for Kyle Kuzma

After a Cinderella season last year, the Sacramento Kings have fallen back to reality when it comes to the Western Conference hierarchy. The Kings are still going to win close to 50 games this season but they're currently in a dogfight to finish in the top 6 of the standings heading into the postseason. With how competitive and deep the West is this season, I have a hard time believing that's going to change heading into the final stretch of the season.

Heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, it would do the tell well if they can get a deal done for a difference-maker to boost them down the stretch. One player that the Kings have been linked to before who is once again on the trade block is Kyle Kuzma. He could give the team an added scoring element to the frontcourt and truly bolster this team's chances of making it out of the first round of the postseason.

The Washington Wizards would likely part ways with Kuzma if a future first-round pick and a salary filler type of offer came across their desk. The question is, are the Kings willing to make that type of gamble for a player that may not put them over the hump. I'd bet yes.