NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Bold trades we need to see at the deadline

Bold NBA Trade Deadline Speculations for Championship Contenders
Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic
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NBA Trade Rumors: Taking a closer look at three bold trades that we need to see at the NBA Trade Deadline.

The NBA Trade Deadline train is coming at full speed. Rumors are making like American Airlines and flying everywhere. Every day it feels like there is a new superstar being hunted by *insert team that's not meeting expectations*.

The deadline is a crazy time where people can speculate and get excited over the thought of improving their favorite team's roster drastically overnight. Big names and big teams will be involved in the chaos, giving us a clearer picture of the true contenders for the upcoming Championship season.

Below we will explore three bold trades we'd like to see at the deadline. They are bold for a multitude of reasons, not just because it's a star player being moved. Let's dive in.

Bold trades - Jazz

Utah Jazz strengthen playoff push

The Utah Jazz are hot. Scorching. Blistering. One could argue only the sun is hotter than this Utah Jazz team. I mean, holy moly people. The Jazz are 15-4 in their last 19 games, including a current six-game winning streak. They have quickly gone from an afterthought to near play-in tournament lock to playoff hopeful. What a turnaround.

This team is young and exciting and can make just about any move they want. Danny Ainge has his typical treasure trove of draft assets, and since the Jazz have been playing so well, I think the Jazz make the bold move of trading for two Magic pieces that could bolster the roster for its playoff aspirations.

It seems as though Fultz and Carter Jr. have fallen out of favor in Orlando. This is great news for a Utah Jazz team that is relatively thin at the guard and center spots. Fultz gives the Jazz another bigger, point-of-attack defender at the guard position, while Carter Jr. gives them a starting caliber center or high-level bench piece.

This trade is a bold move for a Utah Jazz team that was not expecting to be playing in meaningful games come April and May. Fast forward to mid-January and this team looks to be a few good pieces away from true contention. Fultz and Carter Jr. give the Jazz those good pieces. It costs them some future draft capital down the line, but investing in a 25-year-old guard and a 24-year-old center, both of whom can continue to grow with this team, would be a wise move for the now and for the future.

John Collins is not the answer for this team. The Jazz should look to be buyers at the deadline, rather than sellers and call up the Magic to get a deal done.