NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Contenders that need 1 more deadline move to make NBA Finals push

NBA Trade Deadline Countdown: Teams in Need of Multiple Moves
Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers
Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers / Harry How/GettyImages
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NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Teams that need one more deadline move to make a strong push toward the playoffs.

We are just about two weeks away from the February 8th, NBA trade deadline. Moves are already being made and chaos is sure to fall upon the NBA fans.

Terry Rozier is now a Heat. Pascal Siakam is a Pacer. OG Anunoby is a Knick. This year's fireworks are sure to spark more fireworks, which always makes for an exciting deadline. If you're anything like me, come February 8, I will be constantly refreshing multiple web pages and Twitter (or X) with the hopes a new trade breaks before the 3:00 p.m. deadline.

Some teams will make splashes, some will make depth moves and some will forfeit the season altogether and regroup for next year.

While all eyes and ears will be anxiously awaiting the big moves, there are several teams linked to bigger names. While in theory this is great and it's exciting to see big names get moved, some teams need more than just one piece at the deadline. Some teams need multiple pieces. In this article, we will take a look at the teams that are linked to big names that really need more than just one big move to make an impact.

We will start with the Purple and Gold out in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not a Dejounte Murray trade away from contending, but it gets them closer

The Los Angeles Lakers win the minutes when LeBron James and Anthony Davis share the court together. This is wonderful news, and rather encouraging news in fact. This means that the Lakers can win, however, it'd be easier, most likely, with a different supporting cast.

The Lakers are linked to just about every big name that could be made available at the deadline, however, one big-name player is not going to turn this team into a contender. Dejounte Murray's name seems to be the hottest on the block in regards to the Lakers' desired trade targets. Murray is a great player and all, but acquiring him alone does not change the Playoff outcome for this Lakers team. The amount needed to acquire Murray would put even more stress on an already devoid-of-talent bench, spreading the Lakers even more thin than they already are.

Murray would be a great addition to this team and I think if the asking price permits them to punch it, the Lakers should send it all the way. Bring Murray into the fold. However, it would be foolish to jump to the conclusion that Murray is the single solution to all of the Lakers' problems. They need more. Another serviceable, ball-handling guard would be great. A big off-the-bench who can give the Lakers quality Davis-less minutes off the bench would do wonders for this team too.

All of this is to say that the Lakers should be looking to cash in on one of the last (maybe the last) seasons of LeBron's career. They should look to target All-star level talent. The caveat here is that expectations should not soar out of hand due to one acquisition. This is a team that needs a lot of help to get back into the playoff race in general, let alone in the conversation for a deep playoff run.

A player like Murray is a great start, but other moves need to be made. With a new big three locked in, the Lakers can use whatever assets they have left to make one or two more moves to put this proud franchise in a better spot to contend than the one they're currently in.