NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Contenders that need 1 more deadline move to make NBA Finals push

NBA Trade Deadline Countdown: Teams in Need of Multiple Moves
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The Philadelphia 76ers make moves to get back to ECF

The fact that the Philadelphia 76ers haven't been to an Eastern Conference Finals in over 20 years is actually pretty insane. The James Harden-less 76ers look much better without him than with him, which honestly leads me to believe that this team doesn't need another star.

While the team may not need another star to join the team, the Sixers could afford to make some decent-sized moves that reinforce the team's playoff chances. The team could use a new starting power forward, Bojan Bogdanovic anyone?? He's not a star, but he's very good at what he does and he won't eat away at the possessions meant for Embiid or Tyrese Maxey.

Along with an upgrade at the starting forward position, this team could use some flavor off the bench. Kelly Oubre Jr. has done an admirable job this season, but after him, things get shaky. Marcus Morris, Patrick Beverly, and Paul Reed are fine bench pieces, but none of them scream, "threat," when they come off the bench.

The 76ers have great contracts that match well with some of the more intriguing trade deadline favorites. Kelly Olynyk would be a great fit on this team. Dennis Schroder would also be a very interesting addition.

The Sixers currently lack consistent firepower. Joel Embiid is having the best season of his career and Maxey is proving that he can be a star in this league. While that might be enough to get the Sixers a homecourt playoff series or two, they need more oomph.

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Philly's got something special cooking here, and in order to further cement them as true championship contenders, they should look to make a couple of moves.