NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Players Memphis Grizzlies must trade after Ja Morant injury

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Clippers
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Marcus Smart

During the offseason, in an attempt to offset the loss of Dillon Brooks, the Memphis Grizzlies traded for Marcus Smart. In essence, it seemed like a good deal and an upgrade for Memphis. So far this season, while Smart has had his bright moments, it hasn't exactly worked out that way for both sides. Smart is filling up the stat sheet for the injury-riddled Grizzlies but if Memphis wants to explore a new supporting cast around Ja Morant, they're going to have to find quality players to trade. And Smart may end up being one of them.

The Grizzlies aren't likely to trade Desmond Bane or Jaren Jackson Jr. Steven Adams is hurt. That leaves Smart as arguably the one big-name difference-maker that could get the Grizzlies the return that will allow them to make bigger moves during the offseason. Maybe the Grizzlies want to see Smart playing alongside Morant next season but is Smart the type of difference-maker that is going to help this team take a huge step forward when they're healthy?

That's what the Grizzlies will ultimately have to answer over the next few weeks. If Memphis isn't trading Smart, they're essentially going to have to run back the same supporting cast around Morant next season. Let's not forget, this was a supporting cast that got the Grizzlies off to a historically bad start.

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Maybe the Grizzlies admit the move for Smart was a bit of a mistake and decide to move him at the trade deadline. There has to, at the very least, have to be a conversation about this possibility.