NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Superstars that should be on the Golden State Warriors' radar

The Golden State Warriors may need to explore adding another superstar next to Stephen Curry.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Toronto Raptors
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Cleveland Cavaliers: Donovan Mitchell, SG/PG

Time for the electric factory! But for real, right? Donovan Mitchell and Steph Curry on the court together would be insane. The offensive eruptions would be a spectacle to watch. Donovan Mitchell is just one of those players who has never slowed down since he entered the league. He is a stud and he is never afraid to take over a game. The Warriors make this move to become title favorites. That might sound outrageous, but tell me who is stopping Steph Curry and Donovan Mitchell?

Opposing teams already can't stop them when they're on their own. What makes you think that it won't only get worse if they're on the same team?

This is the home-run move the organization has been waiting on since prying Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder in free agency. For the most part, they haven't made big trade moves, making small trades but preferring to draft and develop the players on their roster. I think we're at the point where if they are looking to contend for a Championship, a big move needs to be made. As unlikely as it may seem, Mitchell has to be on the Warriors' radar if they're serious about adding another superstar next to Curry.

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The good news for the Warriors is that they have a lot of tradable talent on the roster, so no matter what move they make, they will still have a good amount of talent on the roster. I do think that in addition to any trades for these three superstars, they should continue to fine-tune the construction of the roster a bit and bring in some more outside help. The Warriors are one big move away from being right back in the spotlight. I can't wait to see what they do.