NBA Trade Rumors: 3 Teams Jerami Grant could be the final piece for

Jerami Grant could be an underrated NBA Trade Deadline candidate who may be considered a final piece for a few teams.
Jerami Grant Could Help Numerous Teams.
Jerami Grant Could Help Numerous Teams. / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Grant could bolster Nuggets roster

Even though they have one of the most complete rosters in the NBA, the Denver Nuggets could use the services of Grant as they will attempt to become the first team since the Golden State Warriors to win back-to-back titles. Grant would fit seamlessly with this squad because they are a team that is well coached and this is a group of players with no huge egos. Even though the Nuggets don't necessarily need Grant, he could be extremely valuable given the injury history of this team.

Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Porter Jr. have all missed time due to injuries at some point during their tenures with the Nuggets, and in the event, one of these players happens to miss significant time, Grant could slide right in and the Nuggets shouldn't miss a beat. Grant was a member of the Nuggets during the 2019-20 season and he became an x-factor for the team and shined during the postseason which was a huge reason why he was a hot commodity entering free agency following that season.

Another plus is that Grant would already be acclimated to Mike Malone's system and he also has chemistry with the Nuggets main core in Nikola Jokic, Murray, Porter Jr., and Gordon. But who would the Nuggets be willing to give up for Grant? This team is in win-now mode and is in a prime position where they will be competing for championships for at least the next few seasons. They could consider giving up young players such as Zeke Nnaji or rookie Julian Strawther (along with salary fillers). I doubt the Nuggets would be willing to part ways with Christian Braun as he projects as a future starter in the Nuggets frontcourt.

The Nuggets could even throw in a few draft picks to make the deal for Grant even more appealing. The main core players are all under contract through next season and whoever they draft will probably just be stashed in the G League anyway unless they come in and prove otherwise. Draft capital combined with the young talented players should be enough for the Blazers and Nuggets to make this trade a reality.