NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Andrew Wiggins trade packages Warriors must explore

There could be several options for the Golden State Warriors on the Andrew Wiggins trade front.
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The Utah Jazz make a move for Andrew Wiggins

The most recent whispers suggest that the Utah Jazz could be in the market for a veteran difference-maker this summer. If that proves to be true, Andrew Wiggins could be on Utah's radar heading into the offseason. Even though Wiggins may not be the star player that Jazz fans may be hoping for, he's still a player that could be impactful on a young team like Utah. He likely wouldn't drastically raise the Jazz's ceiling heading into next season but he could be a strong complementary player for the team's young stars.

And if the young stars need another contributor to stabilize the team heading into the next couple of seasons, Wiggins can be a strong fit. Add in the fact that Wiggins could very much use a change of scenery to spark this next era of his career, and the Jazz could find value in that. As difficult as it may be to remember, Wiggins is only 29 years old.

To say that he's already on a downward spiral at this point in his career would be a bit of an overreaction. If the Jazz is looking for an upgrade without burning all of their assets, Wiggins would be a smart play.