NBA Trade Rumors: 4 best trade offers that may be on the table for Lauri Markkanen

Looking at a few of the best potential trade offers that could be on the table for Lauri Markkanen.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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NBA Trade Rumors: Ranking the four best possible offers that may be on the table for Lauri Markkanen.

With the initial free-agency wave in the books, even though it hasn't been as chaotic of an offseason as perhaps many believe it would be, there have still been some surprises. And as we head into the second phase of free agency and the offseason, there could still be plenty of fireworks.

According to a recent report, there's a growing belief that the Utah Jazz could end up trading Lauri Markkanen at some point this offseason. If that does end up being the case, there is going to be a strong market for the talented and versatile frontcourt big.

The Jazz will likely get a great return in exchange for Markkanen if that's a path they end up taking. In an attempt to get a better picture of what they could get in a potential deal, we rank the four best possible Markkanen offers that could be on the table for the Jazz.

Wolves Markkanen

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves are reportedly interested in Lauri Markkanen but I'm not entirely sure what they could offer in a trade that would make the Utah Jazz all that excited about making a deal. I don't think the Jazz would want Karl-Anthony Towns but Leonard Miller could be appealing. If the Wolves are trading Markkanen, it would indicate that the team is going to embrace a rebuild; KAT wouldn't fit those plans.

Maybe the Wolves could trade KAT to a third team and get a couple of first-round picks to send to Utah to make this offer more appealing. Other than that, it's difficult to envision how a trade between the Wolves and Jazz works for Markkanen.