NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Biggest questions heading into the trade deadline

Exploring four of the biggest questions heading into the NBA Trade Deadline.
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
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What role player can elevate a playoff contender?

With not many stars currently on the trade market, teams are mainly looking into smaller moves that can make a massive impact on their season. An example last year was Josh Hart being traded to the New York Knicks and how perfect that fit was for them. At the time, it was viewed as an afterthought of a move. However, Hart played a key role in helping the Knicks pull off a first-round upset against the Cleveland Cavaliers and taking the eventual Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat to six games in the semifinals.

Players to look at that can make a massive impact are guys such as Andrew Wiggins, Bruce Brown, and Jerami Grant. They can all play good defense and do not need the ball all the time to be effective, which will allow the stars to play their best.

What teams will trading for guys such as these and what trade will we look back on as a home-run deal for a playoff contender? It's certainly something to keep an eye on, especially if there isn't much movement when it comes to the bigger names.