NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Biggest questions heading into the trade deadline

Exploring four of the biggest questions heading into the NBA Trade Deadline.
Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks
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What teams won't make moves?

At last year’s deadline, of all the 30 teams in the NBA, only two did not make a trade at the deadline: the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. Both teams had drastically different outcomes to their season as the Bulls got eliminated in the Play-In Tournament while the Heat made it to the NBA Finals.

Making a trade at the deadline is not indicative of how your team will perform the rest of the way but it can be a good indicator of how management feels bout how the team stands. Both the Bulls and Heat front office felt confident in the teams they had last year. It'll be interesting to see how this year's activity ends up playing out.

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Heading into this year's trade deadline, will any teams stand pat at the deadline and if so, how will the rest of their season pan out? The NBA Trade Deadline offers plenty of opportunity for teams. At the same time, not every team takes the bait.