NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Bold offers Atlanta Hawks must consider for Trae Young

Exploring four bold trade offers that the Atlanta Hawks may have to consider this offseason for Trae Young.
Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks
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Nets Young trade

The Brooklyn Nets find their superstar

With the way the Brooklyn Nets underwhelmed this season, you can’t help but wonder how that might change things for the team heading into the offseason. Will their disappointments this season make them even more aggressive in their attempts to surround Mikal Bridges with a strong enough of a supporting cast that they can play a factor in the Eastern Conference next season?

Heading into this year, the belief was that the Nets were at the very least to be a playoff team. At best, they could potentially emerge as the dark horse playoff threat. That didn’t happen at all this season as the Nets, in what will be remembered as some of the lost year, took somewhat of a step back.

Equipped with a myriad of future first-round picks, it wouldn't be surprising if the Nets were quite aggressive in the trade market this summer. In this deal, the Nets would part ways with Ben Simmons, one of their young prospects, and four future first-round picks as they attempt to find a superstar to pair with Bridges.