NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Bold offers Atlanta Hawks must consider for Trae Young

Exploring four bold trade offers that the Atlanta Hawks may have to consider this offseason for Trae Young.
Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks
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The Los Angeles Lakers make a big splash for Trae Young

If Trae Young does in fact find himself on the trade block this offseason, it would be extremely surprising if the Los Angeles Lakers weren’t at all involved in the conversations with the Atlanta Hawks. Especially after the Lakers expressed interest in Dejounte Murray before this past year's NBA Trade Deadline. If the Lakers were genuinely interested in Murray, you'd have to imagine they're going to be in on the Young bidding war.

As an established dynamic offensive playmaker, Young could be exactly what the Lakers are missing in their backcourt. Not only could Young be the missing piece the Lakers need right now in their pursuit of a title during LeBron's final years in the NBA, but he could also play a vital role in the post-LeBron era in Los Angeles.

In this deal, the Lakers would send Austin Reaves, Gabe Vincent, and a couple of future first-round picks to the Hawks for Young. Whether or not that would be enough to get a deal done remains to be seen, but it's certainly an offer that could bring the Hawks to the bargaining table.

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