NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Teams that should offer the kitchen sink for Lauri Markkanen

Could Lauri Markkanen change the complexity of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline?

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz
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Atlanta Hawks

Making the move for Dejounte Murray a couple of offseasons ago, the belief and hope was that it was a move that would help the Atlanta Hawks take the next developmental step in their progression as a franchise. That hasn't exactly been the case for a team that has been stuck in NBA mediocrity for the past few seasons. After an uneven showing last year, ending in a first-round playoff exit, the Hawks have gotten off to another unenviable start.

There's no guarantee that the Hawks are going to make the playoffs this season and this is a team that very much should have their eyes on making a big move at the NBA Trade Deadline. The Hawks need a move to get them out of this recent rut and something needs to happen if they want to have any shot to be jump-started into the push toward the playoffs.

Perhaps Lauri Markkanen is a name that could get this team going. He'd be an intriuging fit next to Trae Young and Murray and would certainly be a more established wing scorer than what the team already has on its roster.