NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Ceiling-raising stars Utah Jazz should target this summer

Five ceiling-raising stars the Utah Jazz should look to target via trade this offseason.
Miami Heat v Atlanta Hawks
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Tyler Herro, Miami Heat

With the way things are trending for the Miami Heat, there's a good chance that they could be preparing to make some big changes to their roster this offseason. If any big changes are made, you'd have to imagine that Tyler Herro is going to play a big part in them. If the Heat does explore trading Herro this summer, the Utah Jazz should be at least somewhat interested. At this point in his career, Herro may need a fresh start. He's grown stale with the fan base in Miami and it's hard to envision how that narrative is going to change. A new start could help on that front, for both Herro and his team.

In a vacuum, Herro isn't a bad player. In fact, he's a really good player. However, he continues to be put in the wrong positions to succeed with the Heat. But playing the blaming game isn't going to accomplish anything.

A trade likely makes sense for both the Heat and Herro. and the Jazz could be a soft landing spot. The pressure would fall off his shoulders and he would be able to play alongside another talented young player in Lauri Markkanen.