NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Ceiling-raising stars Utah Jazz should target this summer

Five ceiling-raising stars the Utah Jazz should look to target via trade this offseason.
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Mikal Bridges, Brooklyn Nets

If there's one pipe dream trade target the Utah Jazz should have heading into the offseason, it has to be Mikal Bridges. He matches up ideally with the Lauri Markkanen timeline and is a player who may not have hit his ceiling yet. Another part of this that could work to the Jazz's benefit is the fact that there's a case to be made that Bridges' trade value is at an all-time low. After taking a bit of a step back this season (compared to how he closed last season), for one reason or another, the Jazz could open negotiations from a confident place.

If the Nets aren't going to be able to land another star this offseason to pair with Bridges and Cam Johnson, it only makes the most sense for Brooklyn to explore trading Bridges. Quite frankly, unless the Nets are able to pry Donovan Mitchell out of Cleveland, there's a good chance the Jazz - or any other team - could make the Nets seriously consider a godfather offer.

Bridges may not have worked as a No. 1 option in Brooklyn. However, he could make a competitive duo alongside Markkanen in Utah if the front office is able to make it happen.

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