NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Creative offers Knicks can make for Donovan Mitchell

The New York Knicks could revisit their previous interest in Donovan Mitchell ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

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New York Knicks include an additional first-round pick, reshuffle frontcourt

Piggybacking on the first offer, there is some improvement the New York Knicks can make with this two-team deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Knicks can also swap out Donte DiVincenzo and insert Isaiah Hartenstein to make the money work. Quentin Grimes and Evan Fournier will still be involved and Immanuel Quickley could also be included in the deal. If the Knicks wanted to make their offer stand out above the rest, they could also include another future first-round pick.

The Cavs would send Donovan Mitchell and also add Dean Wade and Damian Jones as the Knicks attempt to reshuffle their frontcourt after including Hartenstein in the deal and losing Mitchell Robinson to injury for possibly the remainder of the season. You'd have to imagine this is a deal that would be enough for the Cavs to accept. They'd be getting players that could help them continue to compete now and three picks they could use in the future.

In a vacuum, this seems like a deal that would make sense for both sides. The Knicks would certainly be hurting from giving up this much, but a move for Mitchell should hurt. New York would also have to be hoping Robinson can return this season because if not, they could have some big holes to fill at the center position with Hartenstein included in the deal.