NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Creative offers Knicks can make for Donovan Mitchell

The New York Knicks could revisit their previous interest in Donovan Mitchell ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.
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A three-team trade is struck with the San Antonio Spurs

It was recently reported that the San Antonio Spurs are another team that could end up exploring the possibility of signing Immanuel Quickley away from the New York Knicks in restricted free agency. If that is indeed accurate, perhaps San Antonio would like to get a head up on the rest of the competition for Quickley and explore a trade for him at the NBA Trade Deadline. In this three-team deal, the Spurs could also help the Knicks hammer out a deal for Donovan Mitchell.

This is a framework that is similar to the first few deals between New York and Cleveland, with Quickley headed to San Antonio instead. The Cavs would get three future first-round picks (two from New York and one from San Antonio). As part of the deal, the Spurs would also send Sandro Mamukelashvili to the Knicks to add depth to their frontcourt.

This deal likely hinges greatly on whether the Spurs would be seriously interested in giving up a future first-round pick for Quickley. They may not be but if they're truly sold on Quickley as a viable piece next to Victor Wembanyama, perhaps this is a gamble they're willing to take.