NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Future All-Stars Spurs should trade top 10 pick for at NBA Draft

Which potential future All-Stars could the San Antonio Spurs target via trade this offseason?
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Jaden Ivey, Detroit Pistons

For many teams across the league, I firmly believe that Jaden Ivey is one name to keep a close eye on. As a player who could emerge as a potential trade target this summer, the San Antonio Spurs could view him as a potentially worthy candidate as a fit next to Victor Wembanyama. With the uncertainty that revolves around the Detroit Pistons, it wouldn't be that outlandish for them to explore making Ivey available this offseason. If the Pistons were offered the No. 9 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft, I wonder if they would take the bait.

If the Spurs do view Ivey as a player who has not reached his peak yet as a player, there could be much upside for San Antonio to take a gamble on the young guard. If the Pistons can't get the most out of him, perhaps a team like the Spurs would do Ivey well as he enters his third season in the league.

A new start could be beneficial for Ivey and a top 10 pick would be a solid return for the Pistons who originally selected Ivey No. 5 overall in the 2022 NBA Draft.