NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Stars Brooklyn Nets could target as complements to Mikal Bridges

The Brooklyn Nets will be looking to make a splash move during the offseason as they look to build around Mikal Bridges.
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Dejounte Murray, Atlanta Hawks

In the end, I simply don't buy that the Atlanta Hawks would seriously explore trading Trae Young. I'm not sure how realistic that scenario is heading into the offseason. Dejounte Murray, on the other hand, I wouldn't be all that surprised if they did end up trading him. And the Brooklyn Nets could be a natural landing spot for the young combo guard. He'd theoretically be a fit next to Mikal Bridges and could offer some playmaking ability that the Nets have truly missed this season.

If the asking price is two first-round picks, that's a negotiation ask that the Nets could meet fairly easily. If the Nets are serious about landing a difference-making star next to Bridges, Murray may be the best bet. Considering they were already linked to him at the NBA Trade Deadline, it would not be surprising if they revisited that previous interest.

The big question for the Nets is whether the addition of Murray moves the needle enough for them to go all-in on such a move. Quite frankly, I'm not sure a Murray addition alone does all that much. However, if they pair this move with another, perhaps the Nets could be on to something this summer.