NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Strategic trades to help Miami Heat compete with Boston Celtics

Exploring six potential big trades that would help the Miami Heat
Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat
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Heat Blazers trade

The Miami Heat trade for a combo guard

As the Miami Heat search for an answer in the backcourt, there's another potential target that would seem feasible for the team. Of course, the only problem with this target is that he resides in Portland and the Heat would have to do business with Trail Blazers general manager Joe Cronin. If that's something Pat Riley and Heat general manager Andy Elisburg aren't opposed to doing, perhaps there's a path toward a potential deal between the two teams.

In this hypothetical deal, the Heat would send Kyle Lowry's expiring contract, their 2027 first-round pick, and a 2026 second-round pick (via LAL) in exchange for Brogdon. Whether or not that would be enough for the Heat to pry Brogdon out of Portland remains to be seen, but it's worth a conversation.

Brogdon may not be in the prime of his career anymore but is still incredibly productive. In 32 games played this season for the Blazers, Brogdon is averaging 15 points, five assists, and four rebounds per game on 41 percent shooting from 3-point range. He's also just one year removed from one of the most efficient careers of his career last season in Boston.