NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Teams who should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money

Exploring six teams that should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money after trading for him.
Indiana Pacers v New Orleans Pelicans
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Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic took an impressive step forward this past season in which they nearly upset the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Heading into the offseason, the Magic will look to continue to build around Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner. In an ideal world, Orlando would be able to find an All-Star-level guard to help balance out the rest of the roster. However, if that doesn't materialize for Orlando, you can't help but wonder if Brandon Ingram could emerge as a target on their radar.

With a pretty clean cap sheet, the Magic could theoretically afford to pay Ingram the max contract money if they were to trade for him.

Again, like many other teams on this list, I'm not sure how seamless the fit of Ingram would be on this roster alongside Banchero and Wagner, but if the Magic are going to prioritize adding talent this offseason, Ingram could naturally be a player that catches their eyes - especially if they end up missing out on some of their other targets.