NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Teams who should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money

Exploring six teams that should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money after trading for him.
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Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are another team that is desperately in the market for a difference-making move this offseason. It's already been reported that they're open to trading the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft if it means they can get a player that could help the team win now. If that is indeed the case and the Rockets want to field a winning team that badly this season, it would make some sense for the team to consider a move for Brandon Ingram. Houston would easily be able to afford to pay Ingram max money if they were willing to part ways with Dillon Brooks or Fred VanVleet in the process.

If the Rockets are willing to move one of those contracts, this could be an upgrade that helps the team compete for a playoff spot this upcoming season. With the strides that Alperen Sengun has continued to make and the jump that many expect Jalen Green to make, Houston could view Ingram as an All-Star-level needle-mover.

Looking back at the moves this team made last offseason, the Rockets making a bold move for Ingram wouldn't be all that surprising to see come to fruition.