NBA Trade Rumors: 6 Teams who should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money

Exploring six teams that should be willing to pay Brandon Ingram max money after trading for him.
Indiana Pacers v New Orleans Pelicans
Indiana Pacers v New Orleans Pelicans / Sean Gardner/GettyImages
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Cleveland Cavaliers

Heading into the NBA offseason, there's a growing expectation that Donovan Mitchell is going to sign a long-term extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers. If that does end up happening, the Cavs are going to have an opportunity to retool the supporting cast around Mitchell. One move that could make sense if that's a route the team takes revolves around trading Darius Garland for a wing that fits better next to Mitchell. One potential target could be Brandon Ingram.

A Garland for Ingram swap could be a trade that makes a ton of sense for both the Cavs and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Let's just put it this way; should the Cavs be more willing to pay the trio of Garland, Mitchell, and Evan Mobley max money or Mitchell, Ingram, and Mobley? I may be off here, but I'd rather pay the latter than the former. I believe the better-fitting trio is the one that could end up paying more dividends in the long run. The question is, do the Cavs believe that or do they favor continuity over the next few years?