NBA Trade Rumors: 6 'Win-now' offseason targets for Detroit Pistons to avoid misstep

If the Detroit Pistons are looking to make a win-now move this offseason, there could be six natural candidates.
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Austin Reaves, Los Angeles Lakers

The whispers continue to suggest that the Los Angeles Lakers have no real interest in trading Austin Reaves and they're willing to fight to keep him on their roster. However, there could be a scenario in which the Lakers have no choice but to trade Reaves. If I had to guess, my assumption is that the Lakers would part ways with Reaves if it meant they were getting another All-Star player to complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Short of that, Los Angeles probably isn't willing to move on from Reaves.

If the Pistons can assert themselves in any multi-team deal that the Lakers end up doing in their attempts to land an All-Star, perhaps Detroit could find a way toward landing Reaves. The Pistons could use a player like Reaves who can complement any core. Reaves can help support Detroit's foundational pieces while also raising this team's ceiling just a bit.

The Pistons' future would still fall on the shoulders of their young players, but Reaves would certainly give the Pistons another valuable contributor that could boost this team's chances of competing for a playoff spot sooner rather than later.