NBA Trade Rumors: 6 'Win-now' offseason targets for Detroit Pistons to avoid misstep

If the Detroit Pistons are looking to make a win-now move this offseason, there could be six natural candidates.
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Julius Randle, New York Knicks

If the Detroit Pistons did get a bit uneasy in waiting for the right player to become available, Julius Randle could be one of those next waves of players that could make sense for the team. If the Pistons wanted to compete as soon as this season, a move for Randle could work. Randle has one year remaining on his contract and is playing for a contract extension. If the Pistons were to acquire Randle, it's safe to say they'd be getting the best of him for this season. Detroit could acquire him, let him play all out this season, give him a contract extension after this year, and then could then decide to keep him or trade him.

If nothing else, the Pistons would be getting a player that would have tangible value on the trade market. That's not necessarily the goal for the Pistons in making a win-now move, but it could work as a bit of insurance.

Randle could be the veteran offensive presence that this young core needs to truly blossom heading into next season.