NBA Trade Rumors: 6 'Win-now' offseason targets for Detroit Pistons to avoid misstep

If the Detroit Pistons are looking to make a win-now move this offseason, there could be six natural candidates.
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Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

And finally, one other win-now trade target that could make sense for the Detroit Pistons is Brandon Ingram. Similar to the situation that the Pistons could find themselves in with Julius Randle, there are on and off-the-court reasons why Ingram could be worth the gamble for Detroit. On the floor, the Pistons would be getting an elite offensive force. As one of the most underrated offensive wings in the league, Ingram would be able to join the Pistons and make a huge impact right away.

Whether he would raise them to the heights of competing for a playoff spot remains to be seen. However, he would fit as a key part of the next era of Pistons basketball. And, if nothing else, the Pistons could elect to trade him at the NBA Trade Deadline or during next offseason after giving him a contract extension this summer.

If the Pistons are looking to make a win-now move, there are several options that make sense. There are several options that will tangibly help the team. At the same time, there are also options that could end up hurting the team in the long run. The question is, will the Pistons make the right move this summer?

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