NBA Trade Rumors: 7 League-shifting realistic draft night trades that could happen

There could be plenty of surprises heading into the 2024 NBA Draft.
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
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Jimmy 76ers

The Miami Heat send Jimmy Butler back to the Philadelphia 76ers

All of a sudden, there could be a chance that the Miami Heat end up exploring the idea of trading Jimmy Butler. There are some tough decisions that are going to have to be made by the Heat behind closed doors this offseason. One of them revolves around whether they believe they can continue to build a strong supporting cast around Jimmy or not. If the Heat can't or aren't in a position to land another piece that could potentially make them a contender this upcoming season, it would make sense for Miami to trade Jimmy.

And if they would go down that path, one landing spot that would make a ton of sense for Jimmy on paper is the Philadelphia 76ers. Jimmy could be viewed as a missing piece for the Sixers while Miami could get a collection of future first-round picks back in exchange as they look to retool their roster around Bam Adebayo.

This is one of those deals that may not end up happening but also one that makes a ton of sense where you can't be surprised if it did come to fruition all of a sudden.