NBA Trade Rumors: 7 League-shifting realistic draft night trades that could happen

There could be plenty of surprises heading into the 2024 NBA Draft.
New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder - Game One
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Knicks Bridges

The New York Knicks find their final piece of their championship puzzle

The New York Knicks will be heading into the offseason with the intention of finding a versatile wing that could potentially put them over the top in the Eastern Conference. After making a deep playoff run this past season, there's reason to believe that the Knicks are closer to winning an NBA Championship than many are willing to admit. That said, there is one potential target that could be viewed as that potential missing piece for New York. And that's Brooklyn Nets small forward Mikal Bridges.

Even though there's no guarantee that the Nets would even consider a trade of Bridges, it can't hurt for the Knicks to continue to ask. A package centered around Julius Randler and a couple of future first-round picks may intrigue Brooklyn enough to get to the negotiating table. And if more is asked, the Knicks do have additional assets at their disposal if they truly want to get a deal done.

Bridges would help raise New York's ceiling and the Nets would get even more assets as they explore the possibility of another rebuilding of their roster. This is a deal that could end up being a win-win for both sides.

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