NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Moves to help New York Knicks emerge as East favorites next year

What moves could help the New York Knicks take another step forward in the Eastern Conference.
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Paul George, LA Clippers

All of a sudden, it appears that there's a greater and greater chance that Paul George could legitimately test free agency this offseason. If that is something he does, the New York Knicks should waste no time to enter the picture. There are a couple of ways the Knicks could get in on the PG sweepstakes. They could do so via sign and trade of they could do so by PG opting into the final year of his deal and then asking for a trade to New York. Either way, this has to end with PG getting his money, whether that comes via an extension now or in a few months.

In this proposed deal, the Knicks could send Miles McBride, Josh Hart, Bojan Bogdanovic, and two future first-round picks. This may seem like a lot to send out, but the Knicks have to send out significant salaries if they're going to extend Brunson, OG Anunoby, AND PG over the course of a few months.

Losing Hart would hurt, but if it means getting PG, the Knicks have to be willing to make the move. This could be the trade that nets them an NBA Championship and I can't imagine Hart, for as valuable as he's been recently for the team, will stand in the way of that.