NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Offseason moves that make too much sense not to happen

There are a few offseason moves that make too much sense to not be explored this summer.
Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards
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Jerami Grant to the Utah Jazz

It's no secret that the Utah Jazz is going to head into the offseason with the hopes of adding an All-Star caliber player next to Lauri Markkanen and the rest of this young core. The Jazz wants to make a win-now move and they certainly have the assets to make it happen. The question is, can Utah find the right fit for the team that would warrant them giving up pieces for? I can't help but think if Jerami Grant and the Portland Trail Blazers could be a natural trade partner for the Jazz heading into the summer.

The Blazers likely need to take a couple of steps back before they take a big one forward. Scoot Henderson isn't anywhere near close to competing in the Western Conference and the rest of this young core still has some room for development. It would be wise for Portland to at least explore the Grant trade market this offseason.

That's where the Jazz makes sense as a potential landing spot. Grant is an option that could arise for Utah as they seek an All-Star talent next to Markkanen. I'm not sure how good of a fit Grant would be for the Jazz, but he certainly passes as an All-Star player to target.