NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Offseason moves that make too much sense not to happen

There are a few offseason moves that make too much sense to not be explored this summer.
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Brandon Ingram to the Cleveland Cavaliers

Even though it's already been reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers don't want to acquire Brandon Ingram with the responsibility of having to pay him what will likely be a close to max deal, I still can't help but wonder if this is not a potential target that could reemerge for Cleveland at some point this offseason. On paper, the fit appears to be quite well. Especially if the Cavs would end up sending Darius Garland to the New Orleans Pelicans as the primary compensation.

There's no question that Donovan Mitchell is a special talent. But if he does end up signing a long-term extension in Cleveland, he's going to need help around him if the Cavs want to seriously emerge as a championship contender in the Eastern Conference. That's where a player like Ingram could pay dividends.

Admittedly, Ingram didn't exactly work as the primary option during his time with the Pelicans, but that could be a completely different story in Cleveland. Especially considering he's going to be flanked by Evan Mobley in the frontcourt, Ingram could prove to be somewhat of a missing piece for Cleveland and would be an excellent additoin (finances aside) this offseason for the team.