NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Offseason moves that make too much sense not to happen

There are a few offseason moves that make too much sense to not be explored this summer.
Brooklyn Nets v Washington Wizards
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Trae Young to the Los Angeles Lakers

And finally, a Trae Young trade to the Los Angeles Lakers makes too much sense to not happen, or at least be discussed, at some point this offseason. The Lakers are heading into the summer with the priority of finding another All-Star talent to play next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and, from a pure basketball perspective, Young makes a ton of sense as a playmaker and an electric offensive scorer.

Considering that LeBron doesn't have many years left to try and win another championship, it would make sense for the Lakers to take a bold gamble this summer. And Young would qualify as just that - a gamble. He's supremely talented but there's been a debate as to whether he's a player you can win with in the NBA. That could be put to the ultimate test if he does find his way to the Lakers.

I'm sure the Lakers are going to exhaust all their other possibilities before even considering a trade for Young. However, it could be one of those scenarios that does end up paying huge dividends for the team if it does come to fruition this offseason.

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