NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Salary dump Zach LaVine trade ideas Bulls must explore

Seven potential salary dump trade offers that the Chicago Bulls could explore for Zach LaVine this offseason.
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Nets LaVine

Brooklyn Nets

If the Brooklyn Nets are able to get in on the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes and they don't have many other options in their attempts to land an All-Star level player this offseason, there's no question they should enter the Zach LaVine sweepstakes. Or, at the very least, they should express some interest. Even more so if they could land LaVine without trading away a premier asset. In this deal, they'd accomplish that by offering the expiring contract of Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas. I suppose the Bulls could have their choice of Thomas or one of the Nets' future first-round picks.

In this case, Thomas' potential could prove to be more valuable to the Bulls, especially if they want to retool their roster into a winner this offseason. The Nets are likely going to explore the Simmons trade market this summer and they have a difficult decision to make soon when it comes to extending Thomas.

This trade would accomplish multiple tasks for Brooklyn while the Bulls would get out from under LaVine's long-term contract and get two players who could be off their cap sheet after this year.