NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Stars Miami Heat must pursue if Jimmy Butler is traded

How could the Miami Heat pivot if they end up parting ways with Jimmy Butler via trade this offseason?
Miami Heat v Houston Rockets
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Jalen Green, Houston Rockets

Looking back at the big moves that the Houston Rockets made last offseason, it would be surprising if the Miami Heat shopped Jimmy Butler on the trade market, and the Rockets weren't interested. In the event that a Jimmy bidding war does take place this offseason, Jalen Green is one player that the Heat should have on their radar.

A budding star with supreme offensive talent, Green is a player that hasn't exactly reached his ceiling yet and one that could seemingly get his career back on track in Miami. Green is one of the most talented young offensive players in the NBA; I don't think there are any that would argue against that. For one reason or another, he hasn't been able to hit his ceiling during this time in Houston.

Landing in one of the best developmental spots in the league, the Heat could offer Green the tools he needs to succeed in reaching his ultimate potential. The only concern that the Heat could have in making such a move is whether they'd be essentially wasting a year or two of Bam Adebayo's prime as they wait on Green to take another step forward in his progression.