NBA Trade Rumors: 7 Trades even more likely to happen after draft lottery results

There are six offseason trades that might've become more likely after the somewhat shocking NBA Draft Lottery results.
Miami Heat v Houston Rockets
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The Houston Rockets will make some sort of big move

If the Houston Rockets making some sort of big offseason move wasn't likely before, it only became much more likely with what transpired at the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery. In moving up six draft spots, the Rockets were one of the big winners of the draft lottery. They head into the NBA Draft with the No. 3 overall pick and, perhaps most important, a huge asset they could build a needle-moving trade package around. If the Rockets wanted, they could pair the No. 3 overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft with Jalen Green and shop it around the league.

It's unclear what exactly that could fetch them on the open market but you'd have to believe it's going to give them a good chance to land another fringe star, if not an All-Star, that they can pair alongside Fred VanVleet, Dillon Brooks, and rising star Alperen Sengun. If the Rockets are going to be aggressive this summer, this is the type of trade package that they should be shopping on the trade block heading into the start of the offseason.

Either way, I'd be extremely shocked if the Rockets ended up making a pick at No. 3 with the long-term intention of keeping it.